Goals & Desires

There is a battle that is happening in all of us.

For the most part, this battle is invisible.

You might have experienced it in the past.

You set a goal. Then make an effort to achieve the goal. And later discover that the goal wasn’t reached.

There are different reasons why goals are not achieved.

Yet, the battle between our Goals and our Desires is the biggest reason we don’t reach our goals.

Goals are results that we dream of achieving in the longer term (a few weeks, a few months, or a few years).

Desires are experiences we want right now (this minute, this hour, this day).

Often times our Goals and Desires are not aligned.

And when Goals and Desires are not aligned – then the rule is that Desires always win.

A classic example: John (who is a friend of a friend you might know) sets a health goal to get in better shape, gain muscle and loose weight. Yet in late evenings John has a desire to eat sweets while watching a Netflix show. It’s clear to him that his evening desires will prevent him from reaching his health goal.

Will John stick to his health goal, or submit to his desire to eat late in the evenings?

The answer is often simple.

If John doesn’t align his goal with his desire, then his evening desires will continue and he will not reach his health goal.

So how do we align our Goals with our Desires?

Desires come from feelings and emotions, which drive all of our actions.

So, we actually need desires in order to reach our goals.

What we need to do is to align our goals with the our desires.

It can be tough to do.

About Art

I'm a student of time. In particular, I observe how our perception of time affects design, technology, productivity and overall feeling of fulfillment in life. My formal education is in business technology. For the past 15+ years I've been helping business owners launch websites and run digital marketing campaigns.