“AIR” is a simple framework to help you live a fulfilling and intentional life.

You can improve your daily productivity with “AIR”.

AIR stands for Appreciation, Intention and Reflection.

I’ve studied the lives of many successful people and noticed that they have 3 core habits:

  • They know how to appreciate what they have,
  • they set intentions for what they want to accomplish,
  • and they reflect on their days, weeks, months and years.

You can use AIR with a simple journal. It usually takes 5-10 minutes.

1. Appreciation

The first step in moving toward what you want is to appreciate what you already have.

Because, what you appreciate, appreciates.

(Otherwise, it’s very common to see a person loosing a relationship while building a business, or hurting health while chasing a financial goal.)

So, write 3 areas in your life that you are grateful for.

2. Intention

Intention is your vision for what you’d like to accomplish and how you want to show up.

First, write your #1 intention for the day. Then, write your next 2 intentions for the day. And finally, write the final 3 intentions.

During this time, I also like to review today’s scheduled meetings and check the intentions that I set for this week during my weekly review.

3. Reflection

Towards the end of the day, take a few minutes for Reflection.

During your reflection, write the highlights of your day. Include items you are proud of, and those you’re not proud of.

(When my days are long and I’m tired in the evening, – I like to do my Reflections the next morning.)

Keep It Simple

The power is in simplicity. When it’s complicated, we don’t do it.

So add “AIR” to your regular morning routine.

For example, before looking at my phone and before checking emails – I begin my days with a cup of warm water and several minutes of deep breathing. This helps me to hydrate and oxygenate my body. Right after that, I sit down to write my Appreciations and my Intentions for the day.

Of course, on some days my intentions might change. But on most days, “AIR” helps to focus on what’s important.

Do it for the next 2-3 weeks and see for yourself how it improves your days.

About Art

I'm a student of time. In particular, I observe how our perception of time affects design, technology, productivity and overall feeling of fulfillment in life. My formal education is in business technology. For the past 15+ years I've been helping business owners launch websites and run digital marketing campaigns.