Tools to plan your day

There are several tools available that can help you plan and manage your day more effectively. Some popular options include: Calendars Digital calendars, such as Google Calendar or Apple’s iCal, allow you to schedule events, appointments, and reminders. Many also offer the ability to set recurring events and share your calendar with others. To-do list … Read more


“AIR” is a simple framework to help you live a fulfilling and intentional life. You can improve your daily productivity with “AIR”. AIR stands for Appreciation, Intention and Reflection. I’ve studied the lives of many successful people and noticed that they have 3 core habits: They know how to appreciate what they have, they set … Read more

Using Ivy Lee Method and Pomodoro Technique to Actually Get Stuff Done

In order to have a productive day, it’s important to: List your priorities. Work on completing these priorities. Sounds simple, but can get tricky without the appropriate structure. Fortunately, there are 2 tools to help you achieve that. First, the Ivy Lee Method can help you list your most important actions. And second, the Pomodoro Technique … Read more

SMART Goal Setting: The SMART Way to Become More Productive

Very often we commit to doing something – a small task or a larger goal – but don’t make progress toward finishing it. The reason for this is simple – humans are naturally bad at setting goals. We tend to over-estimate how much we can do in the short-term, and under-estimate how much we can … Read more

How Successful People Do a Weekly Review to Get Things Done

Nowadays, things move faster than ever. And it often feels as if you have something to do all the time. This is a common trap that can cause “burn-out” at work and stress in your personal life. To avoid this from happening, successful people have developed a habit of doing a Weekly Review. The idea is … Read more